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Here at REBEL we live by our motto ‘It’s not always about being the best…it’s about doing your best’.

Our Vision and Mission

Below is some information you may find helpful, but should you need to talk to us we are happy to discuss any queries or questions with you at anytime.

Here at REBEL we live by our motto ‘It’s not always about being the best…it’s about doing your best’. With this in mind, we believe that every child, regardless of experience, has the right to enjoy the Performing Arts. We do not audition children when joining REBEL in the belief that children should be given space to blossom in their own time. A child making the race with themselves and not with others positively reinforces the child to achieve great things. Here at REBEL we treat these achievements with the same weight, whether this be standing up in front of the class and saying your name for the first time or gaining your first professional job in the industry.

REBEL has around 350 students attending classes weekly at any one time. Our teaching staff is a great mix of well-trained industry professionals who train our students with the vast knowledge of their experience, expression and enthusiasm.

We are a very upbeat and friendly school with inspirational young teachers. All students are treated as individuals and encouraged to reach their full potential in the Performing Arts. We accept students from 3 to 18 years and in some circumstances, up to the age of 20. Full details of classes and our schools can be found on the schools section of this website.

Our classes are designed to be contemporary and relevant to the age group, an alternative to a traditional theatre school environment. We also aim to install self-confidence as well as knowledge of the subject matter. REBEL recognizes that each of us is unique, so with our training we strive to provide a balance between teaching technique and encouraging individual expression. Enjoyment is the key.

We have staggered all our classes so that if you wish you can participate in everything. The majority of our students participate in at least 2 classes, although we are quite happy to accept any child who only wishes to participate in one class. All classes run for one hour, with a short break included.

All our staff are professionally trained in their craft and D.B.S (The Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and approved. There is always at least one staff member on sight as the designated first aider. We also have Student Teachers who are there to assist both students and teachers, as well as a full administrative team.

REBEL performs fantastic professional shows regularly and the majority of students are invited to take part. There will be rehearsals for these performances throughout the months running up to the show and students are expected to attend.

REBEL has it’s own Casting Agency and all our children will be considered for the REBEL Casting Agency once they have completed a minimum of 6 months tuition at REBEL. We will consider any child for walk-on work after they have completed a minimum of 3 months with REBEL. Please see the Casting section of this website for further information.

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