LAMDA Exam Results

LAMDA exam results  –  Once again, our REBELS have outdone themselves, gaining 7 Distinctions and 7 Merits in our exams just before lockdown! Full results below:

A huge well done goes to the 112 children who took their groups drama exams just before lockdown in March. We were so pleased with the results once again and continue with our 100% pass rate with Merit or Distinction. A special well done goes to the REBEL award winners for highest marks at the session.


SILVER STAR WINNERS (Highest overall mark)

DW2 Intro Stage 2 – 87 Marks (Distinction) –  Holly B, Lawrence E, Lucy E-S, Raya B, Sophie L

DW4 Grade 5 –  87 Marks (Distinction) – Aoife S, Ava H, Elliot C-H, Freya Sc, Imogen D, Lillie B, Sophie F


Full results as follows: 

DW2 Intro Stage 1 – 83 Marks (Distinction) – Amelia K, Emilia B, Farrahday M, Orla S, Lucy A, Melissa H, Zack F, Daya G

DW2 Intro Stage 2 – 87 Marks (Distinction) – Lawrence E, Lucy E-S, Holly B, Raya B, Sophie L

DW2 Stage 3 – 84 Marks (Distinction) – Amelia B, Amber B, Daisy S, Daniel H-P, Freya C, Gabriella H, Lily H

DW3 Grade 1 – 77 Marks (Merit) – Ashton G, Felicity B, Hannah G, Lexie H, Luke R, Millie B, Sophie E-S, Freya Se, Charlie C

DW3 Grade 2 – 70 Marks (Merit) – Ava C, Esme M, Jessie C, Kitty O, Martha SN, Orla H, Poppy B, Freya J

DW3 Grade 3 – 77 Marks (Merit) – Amber K, Fallon M, Freya M, Oliver H, Josie W, Jake T, Cesur H, Charlotte M

DW4 Grade 4 – 86 Marks (Distinction) – Alis J, Annie C, Beatrice R, Eva M, Hayleigh B, Lucas H, Madeleine C, Max P, Tom W, James R

DW4 Grade 5 –  87 Marks (Distinction) – Aoife S, Ava H, Elliot C-H, Imogen D, Lillie B, Sophie F, Freya Sc

DW4 Grade 6 – 85 Marks (Distinction) – Hermione I, Nicole S, Ben B, Freddie M, Jay C, Jay H, Kane B, Luke G

DW5 Grade 2 – 76 Marks (Merit) – Archie T, Grace A, Lola D, Phoebe R, William P

DW5 Grade 3 – 78 Marks (Merit) – Abi H, Eva C, Hannah R, Kiki B-N, Megan B, Neive H, Phoebe D, Tommy B

DW5 Grade 4 – 76 Marks (Merit) – Albert O, Daisy D, Erin S, Gabriella T-D, Isabella B-B, Isaac F-P, Laura R, Libby B, Logan S, Oliver C, Scarlet A

DW6 Grade 3 – 81 Marks (Distinction) – Charlotte E, Daisy F, Danny T, Emily D, Holly C, Isaac T, Leo I-O, Niamh S, Nieve H, Tristan S, Natalia W

DW6 Grade 5 – 76 Marks (Merit) – Chloe S, Emily S, Grace F, Jessica H, Lauren H, Nisha H, Michael K

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