Leeds Awards 2017

Leeds Awards 2017  A massive well done goes to all of our Leeds award winners for 2017 which were presented at Rebellion 2018!

(Pictured left to right: Shakira Watson, Archie Hamilton, Susie, Archie Bradley, Daisy Campbell)

They were awarded to the following students for 2017:


Student of The Year – Daisy Campbell

Principals Award – Archie Hamilton & Shakira Watson

Rising Star Award – Archie Bradley

5-Year Awards – Amy Cairns, Ashlee Davy, Georgie Bottomley, Katie Chadwick, Lauren Hargreaves, Lucy Sherman, Maisie Grumley, Sara Belal & Taylor Bottomley

Our Red Star Awards winners for the last two terms which were awarded at the show: Georgie & Taylor Bottomley (Jonny), Ava Gould (Hannah), Ellie Keeble (Miss Katie), Theo Rushall-Jones (Phil), Hannah Shaw (Sue). A huge well done to those 6 students!

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