Snowy Weather Procedure

Snowy Weather Procedure –  With the forecast looking uncertain over the coming week we would like to remind you about our snow weather procedure as below:

We have only had to close fully 4 times (3 times in one year!) and twice during classes in the whole 15 years of REBEL but we have this procedure in place every winter in case of heavy/dangerous snow.

When heavy snow is forecast we will email out the day before classes to let you know that we may have to close. If the snow is heavy and settled or more is forecast on the day we will email out by 2pm (Monday, Tuesday, Friday classes) or 9pm Friday (Saturday classes) to let you know that classes are cancelled. We will also post up to date information on the REBEL Facebook group as well as on Twitter and on the news section of the website (here!).

If the snow is sudden we will try to email out at least 1 hour before the start of classes that evening.

We take our student’s and teacher’s safety seriously and will never open if it would endanger people in any way by coming to classes, especially as we have many children and teachers who travel from 20+ miles away!

Many Thanks,

Susie xxx

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